Directives for Masses and Holy Communion

What a joyous moment, to be able to celebrate together in Mass. This brings our people together with guidelines. Please note that we are doing what is required by the CDC as well as the Diocese to bring our faithful back to worship within a safe and healthy environment.  Just as many things, this week will be a trial and we may need to tweak things, but WE’RE BACK!

NOTE: The obligation to attend Mass is still rescinded.  You are not required at this time. If you are ill, elderly, or have an underlying condition that could be at risk, please stay home.  You are always with us in prayer.  Mass attendance must be achieved in an orderly and safe fashion, greeters and ushers will be here to assist.  Please heed to their instructions and guidance and the following guidelines.

--Masks are to be worn on the way in and out of sanctuary/church. If you choose you may wear a mask during Mass or if social distancing is not maintainable

--Sanitize your hands upon arrival or before you enter

--Please do not congregate within the vestibule or church. We must practice social distancing at all times

--No bulletin or any printed materials will be in the church

--Go directly to a pew that is NOT marked off. (Pews have been taped to maintain proper 6ft distancing)

--Families may sit together as you don’t need to practice social distancing from each other.

--There will be NO physical sign of peace, no presentation of gifts, no collection taken by ushers, no communion from the chalice.

--A basket will be within the church for your contribution envelopes

ONCE YOU ARE IN, You’re in. PLEASE STAY IN PLACE until the release from mass.

---FATHER WILL COME TO YOU via the empty rows for Communion. Please remain kneeling, or if unable to kneel-scoot to the front of pew seat.

--The Cry Room is not available with seating and should be used for just that, crying children only at this time.

-When mass is ended please follow the lead of the ushers and exit with masks on and exit the building.

NOTE:  We will still be doing communion distribution after our mass so please adhere to exiting and leaving promptly.

--Maintain social distancing if you are in the parking lot. 


You are to register for mass attendance each week due to limited size of 100 parishioners per mass. Please go to the parish Facebook page for the links for Sign up Genius. New signups will be posted by Monday noon. Enter your name and number of attendees (including children). If you know anyone that doesn’t know how to access the link, have them call you. What a great way to get our parish re-connected.

Reminder: This is all new and there may be some adjustment, but all we can do is remain strong, patient, and faith-filled. Trust in God.