OLHS Preschool


Our Lady of the Holy Spirit strives to take advantage of the teachable moments that happen on a daily basis nurturing the creative, social, emotional, and physical growth to learning. We will assist in your child's educational journey by providing fun, engaging and hands on approach to their developmental growth. 

Your child's day will include a positive and fun approach to learning. We will have centers set up in the classroom; writing, art, dramatic play, small manipulatives, block area, smart-board/computer and reading. There will be a group discussions and involvement with the calendar and weather. There will be plenty of time for children to learn to play and interact socially with others. 

Class will be in session: 8am-11am for the morning session and noon-3pm for the afternoon session Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Who can attend? 3 and 4 year olds that are potty trained

Call our office at 217-864-3467 to get forms and any additional information.