The PSR program at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit is for grades K-8th grade. We offer classes on Sunday mornings from 9am until 10:15am, leaving just enough time for families to attend the 10:30 am mass. Our teachers are dedicated to our students' religious education and look forward to teaching the word of God to them. We also use the Corporal Works of Mercy as a guide to help round our students through different service activities. We have different events throughout the year to promote stewardship and discipleship.

The children also help out with Mass on one Sunday a month dedicated to Youth Sunday. Each age group takes a turn throughout the year doing different ministries within the mass.

Are you new to our Parish and would like to sign your kids up for PSR please contact Beth Herbord at 217-864-3467 or email 

The following are links for 2023:


PSR Registration Form 2023-2024

PSR Program Info 2023-2024

PSR Calendar 2023-2024

PSR footnote on Personal Safety Training:  In October, we spend part of a PSR class on diocese-sponsored personal safety training.  You may know that each adult who serves in any church ministry in our diocese is required to attend a Catholic-centered Safe Environment Training, which educates adults on how to notice & respond to various forms of child abuse.  No parishioner under age 18 is allowed to participate in this training.  Instead, there is an age-appropriate option for each PSR class per grade level & offered annually thru Virtus Online, which is also faith-based.  It empowers kids to recognize unsafe or uncomfortable situations, set personal boundaries, & escalate to trusted adults.  It does not discuss anatomy or give graphic examples.  The PSR registration form has a line at the bottom for parents to consent to their child participating.  Parents can opt out of their kids participating & we will gladly accommodate that.  Further info can be found at or feel free to contact our PSR coordinator, Beth Herbord, with any questions at